Tech and Teaching Style (TIS002)

It is not unusual for teachers to feel a bit overwhelmed when using technology for teaching and learning. Trying to make technology “fit” can sometimes be frustrating. This online workshop is designed to match technology use/strategies with your teaching style.

  • Welcome
  • Tech and Teaching Styles - introduction video
  • Workshop Focus
  • Exploring Educational Theory
  • Defining Teaching Styles
  • Teaching Style Reflection #1
  • Grasha's Teaching Styles
  • What are the Grasha-Riechmann Teaching Styles?
  • Review of Grasha's Five Teaching Styles
  • Name that teaching style!
  • Discover your teaching style(s)
  • Read and reflect on Grasha's Teaching Styles
  • Take the Teaching Style Survey
  • Teaching Reflection #2
  • Technology & Teaching Styles
  • The Journey of Five Teachers
  • Teaching Reflection #3
  • (Re-)Designing a Lesson Workbook
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certification with a duration: Forever